|Survey: 63% of Czechs want to stay in the EU |Survey: 63% of Czechs want to stay in the EU

The Czechs are in favour of remaining in the European Union. If a referendum were held in the Czech Republic on leaving the EU, 63% of Czechs would vote to remain. This is according to an analysis for a project by the Europeum Institute in cooperation with the analytical institute STEM. Less than a fifth of people are now in favour of adopting the euro in the Czech Republic. Just like the referendum on leaving the EU, adopting the euro is not on the agenda in the Czech Republic right now.

According to the survey, Czechs are generally rather optimistic about the EU, with 56 percent of respondents expressing this opinion. “The analysis shows that people who have an optimistic or strongly optimistic attitude towards the European Union perceive developments in Czech society after 1989 more positively than negatively,” said Vít Havelka, a research fellow at the Europeum Institute for European Policy.

In addition to Czech attitudes towards the EU, the survey also looked at Ukrainian migration and green transition issues. On migration issues, the majority of Czechs still support accepting Ukrainian refugees. However, Jaromír Mazák, director of the STEM research agency, believes that although support for accepting Ukrainian refugees has been stable over time, it is actually quite fragile. “More than half of the public is concerned about the negative impact of migration from Ukraine on the quality of public services and on the economy as a whole,” he said.

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