Project Leads

Vít Havelka, Lead Researcher, Czechia

Vít is a Senior Research Fellow with the Just Europe Programme at EUROPEUM. He is also a PhD student at the Department of European Studies, Institute of International Relations, Charles University in Prague. He focuses on the institutional relations of the EU and its member states, the EU budget, Europeanisation, and the EU’s transformative power. He was previously employed as the Political Officer at the Norwegian Embassy in Prague and has been part of EUROPEUM since February 2018. 

Viera Žúborová, Lead Researcher, Slovakia

Viera is a political scientist by background. She focuses her interests on populism, extremism, civil society, intolerance, and hate speech. Furthermore, she worked for ten years on various levels in the academic sphere. Besides, she also worked as a senior research fellow at the think tank CENAA.  In 2017, she was a scholar-in-residence in the ISGAP at Oxford University, and in 2010 a visiting Ph.D. scholar at the ULB Brussels. She have been a regular columnist at Aktuality.SK and Startitup. Viera worked at IOTA Foundation, focusing on blockchain technology and its social impact. Currently, she is affiliated with ORAM as a volunteer focused on promoting and supporting LGBTIQ Ukrainians in Germany. Her current position is also affiliated with the non-profit investigative newsroom Correctiv fundraising Manager with a focus on democracy promotion and strengthening the democratic development in Eastern Europe and Russia. 

Ábel Bojár, Lead Researcher, Hungary

Ábel is Research Director at 21 Research Center where he has been working since November 2021. Before joining the team, Abel had had various academic positions at the London School of Economics and the European Institute University in Florence, Italy. His main research interest is in electoral behaviour, social movements, and political economy. Abel has published extensively in various Tier 1 political science journals, such as the European Journal for Political Research, European Union Politics, and Electoral Behaviour. He was also the lead author of a recently published book on austerity protests during the Great Recession at the Cambridge University Press. At the 21 Research Center, his main responsibilities are quantitative data collection and analysis, as well as organising and planning the research content of international research projects.

Milosz Hodun, Project Lead, Poland

Miłosz is the President of the Projekt: Polska Foundation and member of the Board of Directors of the European Liberal Forum. Author and editor of various publications on hate speech and populism, e.g. US/THEM. Hate Speech at the Service of Politics; Free Voices. LGBT+ Rights in Eastern Europe; Beyond Flt Earth. Conspiracy Theory vs. European Liberals. Visiting adjunct professor at Reykjavik University Law School. His main areas of academic interest are comparative constitutional law and federalism.