The people of Slovakia are very pessimistic about the developments in the country and a huge part of them do not trust most of the people around them. They also give a very poor assessment of the work of the …

Denník N | People in Slovakia are the most sceptical in the EU and do not trust others, surveys show. The country is heading in the wrong direction, they say Read more »

A modern 21st century society cannot be built on feelings of guilt, of inadequacy and of being threatened. We need to change the way we think about ourselves and perhaps even rethink our ambitions. We are losing determination, self-confidence and … | Sociologist Vašečka: We suffer from injustice, a sense of threat and overwhelming mistrust (podcast) Read more »

It is an opinion poll cliché that Hungarian society is “irredeemably” pro-European, despite the government’s long-standing EU-critical campaign to change this. Even though the central element of this campaign is “Brussels” as the number one scapegoat, whether it is immigration, … | Remain, but why? – Controversial attitude of governing party voters to the EU Read more »